Vision, Values and Mission Statement

Our Vision

First Baptist Church seeks to be a “disciple making” church in Destin. Our focus is upon building God’s kingdom for His glory. We believe in order to build His kingdom we must be willing to do whatever it takes.

First Baptist Church will passionately share God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness to the world. It is our passion for each person in our community to hear about the love of God through Jesus Christ.

First Baptist Church will passionately pursue helping our members to fulfill their potential in Christ. We believe God’s Word teaches that every member be a minister. We are committed to every member living out their spiritual giftedness and finding their areas of ministry and service to fulfill their potential in Christ, in the body of Christ and in the world.

First Baptist Church will pursue growing strong Godly families for His kingdom, helping husbands and wives to be Godly men and women, helping parents lead their children to know Christ, grow in Christ and to help broken and hurting families to be whole in Christ.

Our Values

First Baptist Church desires to be known as a loving church and values…

  • The Bible – Making God’s truthful, trustworthy and timeless message known by preaching, teaching, studying and applying His Word.
  • Prayer – Deepening our relationship with God as we pray for, listen to, anticipate and obey His will.
  • Discipleship – Living a Christ modeled life of love, trust and obedience to God.
  • Worship – Celebrating God’s work in our lives to show His glory to a lost world.
  • Evangelism/Missions – Making God’s message of salvation known to others at home and abroad by our words, actions and ministry.
  • Fellowship – Expressing our relationship with God through our relationships with others.
  • Strong Families – Modeling our relationship with God in our closest relationships, passing our faith from generation to generation.
  • Leadership – Applying servant leadership, with every member active in ministry based on their giftedness.

We affirm the Holy Bible as the inspired Word of God as the basis for our beliefs.  The church family subscribes to the doctrinal statement of the Baptist Faith and Message as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in March of 2000 and shall serve as our Articles of Faith.

First Baptist Church Destin is a caring ministry providing spiritual growth for members and opportunities for our community with First Baptist Preschool and services that build a bridge to a relationship with God.

Our Mission Statement

To be conformed to the image of Christ and a witness to the world, while doing so.